High Performance Architectural

Aluminum Building Products


Alwind Industries designs and engineers aluminum building products in compliance
with current performance and energy conservation standards for the following applications:

Hospitals & Health Care

Schools, Colleges, Universities

New Construction

Government Buildings

Retrofit & Heritage Buildings

Commerical Buildings

We have high quality aluminum products
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Our Products

Manufacturing, Installation
and Service


Within a controlled environment, all products are made from extruded aluminum alloy 6063 and heat tempered to T6 (ASTM B22 Specifications) a designation for Architectural Aluminum Products.

We random check all aluminum extrusions entering our facility for tolerances, ensuring die drawing dimensions, extrusion draw lines, thickness of anodized coating and most of all warpage.

Product is hand assembled by qualified, experienced and skilled assemblers which ensure that all of our products conforms to the companies high standards.

Only the best of hardware available is used within Alwind’s standard product line.

Production line product is random tested for quality control by our in house laboratory test technicians. This department combined with R & D (research and development) is also capable of conducting tests as defined by CAN CSA A440 specifications on all new or custom designs.


Alwind ensures that all products are site condition protected, and that prior to installation the correct.

The new windows must be placed into the opening true, plumb and checked that the product operation functions as per specifications or indicated by manufacturer standards.

Insulation fills the voids and allowed to fully cure prior to the application of sealants or interior trims.

Site testing to CAN/CSA A440 Specification after completion of the installed is optional.


Alwind’s field service is managed and executed only by personnel who have the installation and manufacturing experience and full knowledge of the product’s design and function, that pertain to all aspects of Alwind’s products.

Our service commitment to each clients satisfaction is fully covered under Alwind’s warranty policy.

  • Alwind products are designed to be virtually maintenance free
  • Alwind warranty policy
  • The use of only quality hardware components are standard on all window series